AGES: 14-17 years old

The objective of this class is to guide students through all techniques and concepts of drawing and painting. The students will learn techniques such as blending; line work, self-portraits, color combinations and much more. This course is suitable for adolescents of all levels that are willing to learn new and challenging concepts. We will learn about the masters and the techniques they used to execute their masterpieces. This class will not only aid students in developing their talents but it will help them build their artistic portfolios for possible school interview or college applications.  

Classes meet once a week for 90 minutes.

No previous experience in drawing technique is required to enroll in this class.

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Required Supplies: acrylic paint set, watercolor wheel, pencil and charcoal set, color pencil set, apron, plastic palette and palette knife, brush set, canvas pad, gray scale pad, sketchpad, drawing clipboard 

Required supplies, carefully selected for your class, are available for purchase at our retail store. 

For Introductory Class students, all art supplies and materials are provided during the first class. We are excited to help you create your own master piece at Miami Fine Arts Academy!

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