Young Beginner Programs at Miami Fine Arts Academy are designed for the youngest members of our musical family, children ages 3 to 5 years old.  We take pride in providing young students with the gift of music education, mainly because our selected group of music teachers are specialized and highly trained to teach this age group.  It takes a special skill and love for teaching little ones, and we have developed a great system that targets every child’s individual learning style (kinesthetic, visual, tactile, or auditory) using variety of supplemental props and educational materials.  It is a fact that children are naturally prewired for music.  Babies and toddlers respond to music by moving their bodies and singing, and they show special interest in playing various musical instruments.  We encourage parents of young kids, who are particularly enthusiastic about playing a musical instrument, to bring their little ones for an evaluation of their readiness for formal music training.  


What Do We Look for When Deciding Whether Your Child is Ready to Join Our Musical Family?

  1. Recognition of patterns
  2. Knowledge of the 7 letters of the alphabet (A-B-C-D-E-F-G)
  3. Presence or absence of separation anxiety
  4. Emotional maturity
  5. Finger strength (level of development of fine motor skills)
  6. Responsiveness to teacher’s instruction

Only the most highly trained and experienced teachers at Miami Fine Arts Academy are assigned to evaluate and to teach young beginners.  We take the responsibility of ensuring that your child is absolutely ready to start his/her musical adventures with us, and that it is a wise investment for the family, both personal and financial.  We also prepare the parents: should their child not be ready to start music classes with us, to not to be alarmed.  There is typically nothing wrong, developmentally or emotionally, with the child.  All parents (especially those with multiple kids) know that every child develops differently, on his or her own terms.  We must be mindful and respectful of that.  Do not be discouraged; simply bring your child back in 3-6 months for another evaluation.  A few months at this age make a big developmental difference.  We will also give you some professional tips on how to further support your child’s interest and enthusiasm for playing a musical instrument until he or she is ready to start music classes with us.


For more detailed info on our Young Beginners Program and/or to schedule your child for an evaluation, please call our Fine Arts Consultants at 786.464.0566.

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